Welcome to the Artist in Stone website

For our living, my Father, Brother and I carve and polish semi-precious, and precious lapidary material into sculptures, massage tools, beads and cabochons. We carve a unique, artistic, free-form style into many of the items we create. We also set some of our creations in silver and gold for jewelry.

We live in southeastern Arizona, on a hill, out in the country with a small farm and a peaceful lifestyle. We pray over every thing that meets our creation as we feel that every moment of thought involves prayer. We send our love, gratitude, and peaceful integrity as we understand the gift in the wonderment of life. We feel that love is the only answer and many of the things we make carry our message of healing with them.

Our family is very spiritual and most of our influence has come from my mother, Brenda Glockner, a medium who in her early twenties was inspired to write spiritual books that give insightful views on ways to obtain inner peace, and guidance on harmony, love, compassion, respect, honor and forgiveness. If you are interested in her writings, please visit thegarmentoflove.com as she frequently posts readings for anyone looking for spiritual ideas.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy our work.

With intense love and respect,
Talon Glockner